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Demands and Recovery

Demands and Recovery

Form No. Description Download
GST DRC - 01 Summary of Show Cause Notice
GST DRC - 02 Summary of Statement
GST DRC - 03 Intimation of payment made voluntarily or made against the show cause notice (SCN) or statement
GST DRC - 04 Acknowledgement of acceptance of payment made voluntarily
GST DRC - 05 Intimation of conclusion of proceedings
GST DRC - 06 Reply to the Show Cause Notice
GST DRC - 07 Summary of the order
GST DRC - 08 Rectification of Order
GST DRC - 09 Order for recovery through specified officer under section 79
GST DRC - 10 Notice for Auction of Goods under section 79 (1) (b) of the Act
GST DRC - 11 Notice to successful bidder
GST DRC - 12 Sale Certificate
GST DRC - 13 Notice to a third person under section 79(1) (c)
GST DRC - 14 Certificate of Payment to a Third Person
GST DRC - 15 Application Before The Civil Court Requesting Execution For A Decree
GST DRC - 16 Notice for attachment and sale of immovable/movable goods/shares under section 79
GST DRC  - 17 Notice for Auction of Immovable/Movable Property under section 79(1) (d)
GST DRC  - 18 Certificate action under clause (e) of sub-section (1) section 79
GST DRC  - 19 Application to the Magistrate for Recovery as Fine
GST DRC  - 20 Application for Deferred Payment/ Payment in Instalments
GST DRC  - 21 Order for acceptance/rejection of application for deferred payment / payment in instalments
GST DRC  - 22 Provisional attachment of property under section 83
GST DRC  - 23 Restoration of provisionally attached property / bank account under section 83
GST DRC  - 24 Intimation to Liquidator for recovery of amount
GST DRC  - 25 Continuation of Recovery Proceedings
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